Retains its Shape: A wool fiber has natural elasticity that allows it to stretch up to 40% beyond its original length and then bounce back, Again and again. So a wool carpet retains its shape, even under heavy traffic. This fiber elasticity also helps wool carpet resist furniture crush.

Repels Water, Stains: Wool naturally repels water and stains, thanks to a membrane that covers the fiber core. Consider that over 80% of all stains are water-based. Stains won't soak into wool. Rather, stains remain on a wool carpet’s surfaces allowing you to wipe them up.

Easy to Clean: Wool fibers are composed of a natural membrane. Dirt does not have the opportunity to sink in, so regular vacuuming keeps wool carpets looking clean and new.

Flame Resistant: Wool is naturally flame resistant. Drop a lit match on a piece of wool, carpet. You will see the flame go out. And the lack of damage to the wool fibers will amaze you. Simply brush away the slight charring and there is no sign of burned fibers.

Resist Static, Mildew: Wool naturally resist static and mildew. Static is reduced by wool’s ability to retain up to 30% moisture. And because wools have a naturally low pH, wool resists mildew, mold and fungal attack in almost every climate.

Fade-Resistant: Wool resists fading, because dyes penetrate to the fibers cores. Dyes are actually “locked in” by a molecular bonding process that occurs inside the fiber. Color can’t get out. So a wool carpet retains its original color for years.

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