Wholesale Custom Commercial Flooring 

We are experts on Made-To-Order and Custom products

What is meant by, "Made-To-Order"?  We have many products that can simply be made in specialty or custom colors.  The design, texture, construction goes un-changed.  But, is made utiitizing colors from a color bank of colors or a custom color(s).

What is meant by, "Custom"?  Here we can offer total custom... you might change content, construction, design/pattern, etc... to meet the specific needs and application for a flooring product.

Let our expert sales representative guide you!  

LSI Flooring specializes in custom!  Our team has extensive experience in custom flooring products and therefore have a comfort in helping our clients to do made-to-order or custom projects.  We have compiled a group of manufacturers giving us access to a wide array of manufacturing equipment and thus a wide array of product style, construction and yarn system options.  One thing in particular that helps us to offer custom for most size projects is the low minimums required from our mill partners.

Contact Us So We May Work With You And Help You With Your Custom Project Needs! info@lanesalesinc.com or 800-731-3483

Mill Options...

o  Artisans Carpet (Printed Applied Patterned Carpets on a commercial nylon base for residential/light commercial use to extra heavy public area traffic use)

Artisans Carpet Web Site

Artistans Brochure


o   Antrim Carpets* (Hand Loomed Custom Broadloom - VERY low minimum for custom!)

(*) We only represent this mill in New York City, Manhattan

All Antrim Products May Be Made In Custom Colors, Sizes & Constructions       

Antrim Hand-Loomed Area Rug - Product Training Guide


J MIsh MIlls|wool carpet|rugs

o   J. Mish/Prince Street House & Home (US Manufacturer of Tufted Wool Carpets)

JMISH Web Site 

JMISH Woolshire Carpet Collection Web Site 


o  Nourison Hospitality Carpets* (Axminister, Applied Pattern, Colorpoint, hand-tufted... carpets and/or rugs)  

For more than 30 years, Nourison has excelled as the premier resource for beautifully designed, luxuriously crafted rugs and carepting with a vast, comprehensive selection.

Visit: Nourison Hospitality Carpets

Nourison Hospitality Brochure

Axminster Carpets Learning Module

(*) LSI - LSI Flooring handles Nourison Hospitality Carpets for Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Conneticut.  


o  Signature Carpet (Vertically Intergraded Mill Providing Running Line Carpets Plus Custom Designs in solution dyed nylon (SDN), Using State-of-the-Art Tufting Equipment)

The machines that Signature has include:

(W) 8th gauge scroll - (ML) MLCL - (IN) Infinity - (ZP) Colorpoint - (TP) Tapistron (CYP) (OG) 12th gauge ML - (YL) ML4 - (E) 1/10 Gauge Eccentric Loop - (C) 1/10 Gauge Cut Pile Graphics - (H) 1/10 Gauge Enhanced Loop - ( I ) 1/10 Gauge Infinity Loop - (P) 1/8 gauge Precision Cut & Uncut

* The letter codes in parentheses are the codes used on the Signature website, in the Design Studio area and in the Design Effects Pattern binders.



o  Tisca Tiara (High Quality Producer of Textile Floor Coverings - Wool or Synthetic)